Monday, November 20, 2006

Winterfest Scheduled for Saturday Jan 27th!

The Skaneateles Sunrise Rotary is kicking off its 3rd annual Winterfest. This year there will be many activities in the village including; dog sled races, chili-cookoff (at the Sherwood Inn), beer-drink-off (at Joe's Pasta Garage), ice/snow sculpture contests (snow piles at the ready throughout the village weather permitting), craft show (at the community center), and so much more! Let us know if you'd like to join us in sponsoring this fun event!


Curt said...

Sunrise it is. I know because my wife Toni is in the club and a "Sunriser" she is not.

Consider buddying up with Sue at the Chamber of Commerce. I was at a meeting with her on Friday and actually discussed the Rotary Winter Festival.

Further, I will post a Winterfest article on our blog.

Curt [married to a Rotarian]

tonicurtis said...

Further, here is our blog: []
We are both doing the same thing.

and our webpage:


I will add your to ours

CindyB said...

I had never heard of Skaneateles, but the site makes me want to take a quick weekend there. How do you pronounce it? Do you have directions from NYC or New Jersey? Looks like people love the town.

Paulette said...

Looks like a really pretty part of NY. I was in the Finger Lakes region once and loved it. Your lucky to live in such a nice area.

tonicurtis said...

Cindy: As a Southern Girl with manners, you will fit right in [except for the accent]. Around here we hold open doors and tip hats and say: "Hello". It's The Yankee Way.

By the way, join the Raging Debate about pronunciation: Skan-E or Skinny.

What we know for sure is it is Iroquis Indian for "Long Beautiful Lake" or "Squaw Who Likes To Make Babies".

What we also know is that the Locals say: "Skan e at las".

By alls means visit the StoryBook Village. If you do, consider [] Skaneateles Suites and ask us about our "Secret Places".

Anonymous said...

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